What’s It About?

This book talks about the power of the mind. It clearly explains how our thoughts affect who we are and the circumstances we live in. It depicts that a man is solely responsible for his own circumstances. This means that our life (and all its areas); love life, wealth, success, our experiences and opportunities are governed by the thoughts we harbor

We can control these circumstances by our thoughts and the character it bring forth. James Allen calls this the “seeds” we plant in our minds. They will eventually sprout the circumstances we live in. Whether we consciously choose our thoughts or not.

If we plant bad seeds, we cannot expect to harvest anything but weeds. Nothing good comes forth from bad thoughts.  We get back exactly what we send out in the world (law of attraction.) So send out positivism, love, value and that will be exactly what you’ll get back.

“Our Life Is The Manifestation Of Our Mind”

As long as one thinks he is the victim of his circumstances, he won’t be in control of his own life and therefore unfitted for success. And this is exactly why James Allen encourages the reader to accept the truth that “”Men do not attract what they want, but what they are.” So therefore a man of pure thoughts (e.g. morality) can’t possibly fail. He encourages the reader to develop his mind on a higher level to fulfill his dreams.


The intention of this book is to get the reader to purify his mind and align his thoughts with right principles. This will ensure “pure’ circumstances that will reward you for the effort you’ve put in. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to improve his life. It’s a must read.

Vasileios Filippidis

Source http://www.basicgrowth.com

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